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Zombie Tag Codes

Zombie Tag is a survival game like Kitty, Ronald, Jeff… however, the theme is zombies. Its story is that a scientist created a potion that brings the dead back to “life” and now you must escape from them.

In this article we are going to share with you Zombie Tag codes that will help you to get free rewards and gifts.

zombie tag codigos roblox

Working Codes List

In the following list you will find all the current functional codes for Zombie Tag. We have tested them and they all work. However, it is important that you return to this page because if they expire or new ones appear, we will have this list updated.

Working Codes Zombie Tag
  • chapter2
  • birdcoins
  • birdbrains
  • oofbama

How to redeem codes in Zombie Tag?

Redeeming the codes for Zombie Tag is very simple, although a little different from the other games. All you have to do is look for the code icon inside the game. Click on that button and a window will open where you can write the code in a box.

Once you have written it, if the code is correct, you will receive your reward in a short time.

What Is Zombie Tag?

At the beginning of a round the main zombie and the survivors are chosen at random. The objective of the zombie is to convert the survivors, and the objective of the survivors is to escape.

Zombies have a special lunge attack, which makes them very dangerous at close range. The survivors have to get resources like keys, fuel, gears… to run a plane and escape. The keys are scattered around the map, and the rest of the items are in boxes.

If you are a survivor and are turned into a zombie, you become one of their sides and must turn your former companions into zombies. The game becomes very difficult for survivors when zombies outnumber them. In case you are left alone, alas, you will be in trouble!

Each chapter or round lasts five minutes. A cool thing about the game is that you can move around on platforms and avoid zombies.

Why Play Zombie Tag?

As any survival game in Roblox, Zombie Tag is to spend a fun time with your friends. It’s not complex and you don’t have to do many things. You just go in and play.

Almost everybody likes the zombie theme, we love it! That’s why this game is so fun, and if you get bored of the same thing, you can try other modes. This is an advantage that other survival games don’t have.

Do you also like zombies? Come on, tell us in the comments. We’ll be reading to you.

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