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How to Uninstall Roblox Completely

Posted by: - Updated: April 7th 2022

Although initially there is no reason why you want to uninstall Roblox of your computer, sometimes this step is necessary. Many of the errors or problems, which may appear within the game, are solved by uninstalling and reinstalling.

uninstall roblox

For this we have elaborated a precise and detailed tutorial so you can remove Roblox from your computer in a simple and effective way. With these simple steps there will be no trace of the presence of the platform Roblox on your PC.

How to eliminate Roblox on Windows?

The first step that you must be clear about is that complete uninstall Roblox you will need to perform a series of additional steps. It should be remembered that once this installation is done, you will eliminate all presence of Roblox on your PC.

Step-by-step guide to uninstall Roblox in Windows

  • Restart your computer, with this step we make sure that Roblox not be active in the background.
  • Once restarted, look for the Control Panel and open it.
  • Look for the option "Uninstall Programs", you will find it inside the option Programs

control Panel-ROBLOX

  • Within the list of programs you should look for «Roblox player» and click on Uninstall.
  • Once you have followed the instructions and finished uninstalling, you should repeat step with «Roblox Studio».
  • Restart the PC for the record to be updated.

With these simple steps you will have uninstalled the platform safely and without running the risk of any process corrupting the files on your computer. Now you decide reinstall or not?

Delete all files from Roblox from your pc

If you also want completely delete all those files that the game has generated during the time that has been active on your computer you will need to perform other simple steps. With this, you guarantee that when installing a new version all the new files are written from scratch.


  • After restarting the PC in uninstalling Program accesses File Explorer
  • Here at the System Unit look for the folder Program Files (x86), then the folder Roblox and delete the content inside.
  • Repeat the process on the System Unit look for the folder with your user name.
  • Ace to the AppData hidden folder, inside look for the folder Place.
  • There you will find the folder Roblox. Delete it and you're done.

Once these directories are deleted you will need reboot your PC. That way, when you come back to install Roblox You will do it as if the program had never been on your computer. Sometimes this fixes various execution errors in platform games.

How to delete cookies Roblox in your web browser?

Another way of eliminate problems that may arise with Roblox is removing all "Cookies" that the platform installs within our web browser. These files sometimes create temporary files that can fail and therefore the game does not work.

You should be aware that Roblox is compatible with a large number of browsers among which are the most common such as Microsoft Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox. So you can surely play Roblox on them without any problem.

However, to delete the Cookies Roblox You must follow the steps of the browser where you are playing. Below we will show you the most practical way to eliminate these cookies in some of the most common browsers of the moment.

How to remove cookies from Roblox in google chrome?

  1. In top right margin of your browser access the Chrome options and go to the option Configuration.
  2. Once there, you just have to access the options Advanced configuration.
  3. Inside you will see the option Content Settings
  4. Select from the menu "Cookies" and open view all cookies and website data.
  5. Finally, you only have to search Roblox in the search box y Delete all that appear.

How to remove cookies from Roblox in Edge?

  1. Get into the Edge browser options.
  2. Once inside, access the Configuration option.
  3. Search "Clear Browsing data."
  4. Choose Choose what you want to delete.
  5. Activate the options Cookies, Files and Cache Data. Delete all the content that appears.

How to remove cookies from Roblox in firefox?

  1. Look for the Menu menu-firefox and select Options
  2. Once there, you must access Privacy & Security.
  3. Go to section Cookies and site data.
  4. In Manage data you will find the window “Manage cookies and site data”.
  5. Search Roblox and Delete all content y save the changes.

How can they buy the process of remove Cookies from Roblox it is quite similar in most browsers. You just have to be aware of the minimal differences that each of them offers.

why uninstall Roblox?

You may be wondering why it is necessary to uninstall your favorite gaming platform. Nevertheless, this process is necessary if you want to remove any of the errors that appear when you want to play your favorite games.

Some errors are caused by server crashes, like the famous error 610. However, other they are simply corruptions of the files that for some reason have been damaged and do not work as they should.