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Unboxing Simulator Codes

Unboxing Simulator is a game that left us amazed. Although its gameplay is very basic, it keeps you hooked for hours. It consists of opening boxes and collecting rewards. It’s that simple.

In this article we are going to share with you codes for Unboxing Simulator that will help you to get free rewards and gifts.

Unboxing Simulator codigos

Working Codes List

In the following list you will find all the functional codes as of today. We have tested them and they all work. However, it is important that you return to this page because if they expire or new ones appear, we will have this list updated.

Working Codes Unboxing Simulator
  • Metaverse 
  • 2years
  • AnniversaryPet
  • 200M 
  • Easter2021
  • LavaLauncher
  • PumpkinSmasher
  • 200K
  • DailyLogin
  • Abilities
  • Cheroso
  • I JustWantedIceCream
  • unboxmilo
  • TheUltimateSuperDuperCoinCode
  • Slime
  • MadeYouLook
  • ThnxCya
  • BoxSquad
  • Kelogish
  • Russo
  • TeraBrite
  • Bofishe
  • GravyCatMan
  • Clans
  • 1year
  • BianoBetero
  • EmirKartalBoost
  • Sub2Telanthric
  • R1zz
  • Def1ldPlaysBoost
  • Pengi
  • EUAMooGodenot
  • RHGameOn!
  • MitosDoDuduBetero
  • CrazyTurasBoost
  • PenguinSquad
  • Sub2deeter
  • BanjoBoost
  • TrustGoneUP
  • SnugLife
  • M3lihKard3s
  • SDMittens404
  • Expe11ez
  • Z0mbie&dvboost
  • TGSquad
  • NinjaRobzi
  • UnicornSophia

How to redeem codes in Unboxing Simulator?

Once you have a code that you want to redeem in this game, just follow the instructions below to redeem it. First, look for the button on your screen to enter your profile.

Then simply enter the code you want to activate in the box marked “Code” and you’re done! If the code works you will receive your reward in a few moments.

What Is Unboxing Simulator?

Each box you open can leave you money, hats or other items. Larger boxes take longer to open. However, you can reduce that time by buying more powerful weapons in the shop. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative game.

Weapons or tools

Weapons or tools are used to open the boxes. They are bought in the shop and reduce the time needed to open the boxes.


The boxes are scattered all over the map. When you open them you get rewards. They can be opened by several players, and the rewards are divided by the number of participants.


The areas are other parts of the world. There may be better shops, enchantment areas, dungeons, chests, etc. To pass through you will need a minimum amount of coins


To access a dungeon you will have to open all the boxes that block the entrance. In total there are four known: glass cavern, the bathtub, gold mine and Area 51. The rewards inside them are obtained by passing a mini-game.


Pets are used to reduce the opening time of a box. There are several and they are bought in the shops.


The hats give skills to the characters. There are different kinds, such as common, unique, rare… You can get them in the shops and at the checkouts. When you have one, you can charm it to improve your skills.

Why Play Unboxing Simulator?

Unboxing Simulator is a game that we consider novel. This opening of boxes is very additive, because it “forces” you to unlock other areas to get TOP boxes. You should play it if you are looking for a game where you have to do a lot of gibberish to be among the best.

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