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all the skins of Piggy (+ How to get them)

Posted by: - Updated: August 31st, 2022

If you are a regular player of Roblox then surely you know that skins are cosmetic accessories that you can buy in the store to customize your character. Of course, Piggy is no exception. Did you know that there are more than 50 models available to choose from? Here we will show you what they are and how to get them!

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All skins of Piggy are available in two different booksIn addition, there are others classified as rarities and of course they cost a little more than common skins. This is the updated list.

But first, let's resolve an important question.

How much does each skin cost?

The price of each skin It is variable, so there is no single amount, but you can choose from a wide range of prices. To make your purchase you only have to use the tokens available in the game.

ways to win Piggy Tokens

There are several ways to earn enough tokens that will allow you to buy the skins of your choice. Here we tell you the two most common:

  • When escaping as a player: You can earn up to 15 tokens each time you make it out unscathed.
  • When capturing or eliminating your opponents: When playing as a traitor you can receive up to 5 tokens for each opponent you defeat.

And it gets even better as if you escape as a traitor then you will earn up to 30 tokens. You can also get this figure in player mode if you are also a survivor at the end of the chapter.

Since you know how to win Piggy tokens it's time to go to what really interests us.

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All Skins Available from Piggy

In this list you will find all the skins available in Piggy. For your convenience, we have organized them according to the number of tokens you need to get it. It's time to give your avatar a new look!

From 100 tokens and up

  • Little brother (50)
  • Mother (75)
  • Father (100)
  • grandmother (125)
  • sheepy (150)
  • Pandy (160)
  • Professor (175)

From 200 tokens

  • Memory (200)
  • Kitty (225)
  • Mimi (235)
  • DinoPiggy (240)
  • Daisy (245)
  • Angel (250)
  • Pony (260)
  • Devil (270)
  • Doggy (275)
  • Officer Doggy (275). Available in Book 2.
  • Giraffy (285)
  • Beary (290)

For 300 tokens

  • Foxy (300)
  • Rash (300), included in the second book.
  • Elly (310)
  • Soldier (315)
  • ZomPiggy (325)
  • Katie (325), available in the second book.
  • badgy (335)
  • Kona (335), available in the second book.
  • Bunny (350)
  • Pandy Uniform (350), available in the second book.
  • skelly (375)
  • These (375), available in the second book.
  • clowny (385)
  • Archie (385), in the second book.

For a price of 400 tokens

  • tigry (400)
  • rays (400), in the second book.
  • mousy (415)
  • Tiger Uniform (415), in the second book.
  • parasee (425)
  • kolie (425), in the second book.
  • Markus (425), in the second book.
  • zizzy (450)
  • alfis (450), in the second book.
  • Ghostly (460)
  • Dakoda (460), in the second book.
  • Tobi (465), in the second book.
  • Robby (475)
  • Felix (475), in the second book.
  • Delta (485), in the second book.

In 500 tokens

  • Billy (500)
  • Mari (500), second book.
  • buddy (525)
  • Flaring (550)
  • Kamosi (550), second book.

The Most Expensive Skins of Piggy

If your goal is to get one of these skins, you better prepare yourself. Here you will see the number of tokens you need to buy each.

  • spider (625)
  • Twins (650)
  • Kraxicord (700)
  • Silzous (725)

Extra skins

In addition to the list, you also have the possibility of getting extra skins, either as a purchase when using game tokens or as a reward. Here is a list with each one.


  • Poley, collaboration Piggy-Jailbreak.
  • mr sticky, exclusive to the Spooky Hunt.
  • Owell, also from the Spooky Hunt.
  • Frostiggy and Primrose, which appeared in Winter Holiday Hunt.
  • Gold Piggy and Bess, free in Egg Hunt Exclusive.
  • Penna, in Temple–Chapter 10.
  • Laura, in Camp–Chapter 11.
  • Zizzy Soldier
  • Sketchy
  • Mr. P (Free, Plant: True Ending Exclusive).

Available with Piggy Tokens

  • Pickle rick (15), exclusive skin for Stealthy and MiniToon developers.
  • Lisa (15), exclusive to IK3As.
  • BangPiggy (300)
  • reindessa (375)
  • Crove (500)

for reward

  • Sentinel, available by completing all pages of the first book.
  • Mr Bliss, after getting 1050 gifts and reaching level 11 of Holiday Hustle Exclusive.
  • bakari, after getting 1050 candles in The Haunting Exclusive.
  • gryffyn, after getting 1050 Relics in level 11 of Expectant Exploration Exclusive.
  • Crove (Alternate) as a reward in The Haunting Exclusive.

What is the hardest skin to get on Piggy?

The truth is, each skin has its difficulty, so we recommend you to be attentive to our articles and tutorials where we will give you the best tricks to get all the skins.

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