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Roblox vs Minecraft

Posted by: - Updated: 7th October 2019

Roblox is a game that surpassed Minecraft in 2017 with more than sixty million users per month. Since then she gained a good and bad reputation, where they point out that she is a copy from its number one rival: Minecraft.

roblox vs minecraft

The pointless controversy caused many people to argue with each other defending their favorite game. Now we'll take care of clarify this issue.

If you haven't played any you can ask yourself with which one to start with and which one is better, TRUE? Don't worry. She just keeps reading to understand everything. You will not imagine how different each one is...

¿Roblox is it a copy of Minecraft?

It is necessary to emphasize this point, and clarify that Roblox it is not a copy of minecraft. In fact, the game was released in the year 2004, while the other in 2009.

This controversy arises because Minecraft was more popular. In other words, their advertising campaigns were more effective, leaving Roblox in the dark for several years.

minecraft game

6 differences between Roblox and minecraft

Although both have taken elements of the other, neither is a copy. The truth is that they are different games. You will notice this distinction immediately when you start playing them, or even now, when we will tell you what their 6 differences are.

1. Style of play

The most relevant thing is the style of play or the proposal offered by each one. That is why we will talk about them individually in this section:


On the side of Roblox you have a game where the community can develop their own games and publish them on the platform so that others can play it.

This published game will stay "alive" as it gains or loses popularity. It is something like YouTube. On this platform, anyone can make a video, publish it and receive visits.

If you make a very good game and it gains relevance in the community, it will be positioned among the best.

With a little practice you can use Roblox Studio to create your own games, and if you have knowledge of programming in Lua you can make them more interesting.

you can see to Roblox like a kind of market, where you can play, post, buy, sell and trade items.

Lastly, it should be noted that in Roblox you can choose between hundreds of thousands of video games to play. You will be surprised to see the great variety.


In Minecraft the thing is very different, for example, in him there are not millions of games, but five modes: survival, extreme, creative, spectator and adventure.

Each generates a infinite random world with different landscapes, minerals, fauna and flora. your goal is sobrevivir looking for materials and food.

You have the possibility to build whatever you want, such as a castle, building, river, pyramid, etc., and do activities like mine, fight zombies, explore thousands of places, etc.

What is the difference at this point?

  • En Roblox you can play thousands of different games (regarding scenarios, genre, weapons, objectives…) and make your own.
  • In minecraft you can build what you want and survive, but always in the same world, only the location of the elements changes in each game.

2 Price

The price involved in playing each video game also makes a key difference. In the case of Minecraft it is higher, since you must pay $26,95 To download it. Although then you do not need to pay more, unless you want special things. In general it is not that expensive. Think it's a game for console.

With Roblox you do not need to pay anything to start enjoying, however, you will be slightly limited. For example, if you do not pay the membership of Roblox Premium, you will not be able to play exclusive games or create more than one video game.

membership Roblox Premium has three plans:

  • $4,99
  • $9,99
  • $19,99

Depending on the plan you hire, you will have more or less benefits. But in general you can sell, buy and trade items, in addition to being able to create more than one game and access exclusive content.

With the subscription to Roblox Premium you will have opportunities to earn real money. For example, there are people earning hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. And the best thing is that many are between 16 and 22 years old. Not bad, right?

As you see, Roblox it is free, although limited. You spend more money (it is not required) than in Minecraft, but in return you can earn income by doing something you enjoy.

3. Graphics

Compared to Minecraft, Roblox it is more realistic. Many people say that their graphics are the same, but they are wrong.

Roblox looks more like the characters Lego than those of Minecraft. On the other hand, in Minecraft you can improve the textures, in Roblox No.

4. Social part

Roblox It is a game that gives importance to social aspect, that is, they provide facilities for one or more users to come into contact and create a community. You can add friends, join groups, talk online, follow players...

Minecraft also offers some of these things, although it is not its strong point. Prefer more a solo game.


Regarding the skins Roblox has a huge inventory with options to customize your character. You can change his face, clothes, add accessories such as wings, emotes or weapons and even modify the thickness, height and color of it.

Minecraft, despite having the possibility of skinning the character, does not have so many varieties.

6. Early game

This part is not entirely important, but it is worth highlighting. Minecraft was released as a indie game, that is, a game made by less than five people with a small budget. In Roblox yes there was a group of professionals and a budget to carry out the project.

roblox game

Conclusion: which is the best?

It is impossible to determine which game is better. As you may have noticed, they do not share the same style and are very different. They have their things the same, but nothing to write home about.

Saying which is better is subjective. Depending on your tastes you will opt for one or the other. We want to clarify that this article is intended to eliminate the controversy that exists between both games, not to judge the quality of each one. It is a fact that both are very good.

If the video games were the same, at least in terms of themes, it would be possible to recognize the most outstanding, but since this is not the case, it is up to you to do so.

If you haven't played one yet, we leave you a list of its strengths:

Strengths of Roblox:

  • thousands of different games
  • ease of creating games
  • interact with other users
  • earn real money on the platform (you can live on it)

Minecraft strengths:

  • explore a huge world
  • freedom to build, create, discover…

minecraft rap vs Roblox

Before concluding, we would like to share with you this famous rap made by the Hispanic youtuber SpanishTNT, in which he compares the two games in a… funnier way:

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True, Roblox It is the best game in the world, because it brings more things, although honestly, if they gave me a choice between Roblox or Minecraft, I would choose Roblox, for so many reasons, but really, if you think about it, both games are amazing




roblox it is much better ctm


obviously that roblox. roblox It is the best game in the world, I mean roblox is best