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Ro-Slayers Codes

Ro-Slayers is a Roblox game based on the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer ). At the beginning of the game you can choose the role of demon (Demon) or demon slayer (Demon Slayer). You can also customize your avatar’s hair, colour, appearance and clothes, until you get a style very similar to the Kimetsu no Yaiba characters.

In this article we are going to share with you Ro-Slayers codes that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

Ro Slayers codigos

Working Codes List

In the following list you will find all the current functional codes for Ro-Slayers. We have tested them and they all work. However, it is important that you return to this page as if they expire or new ones appear, we will have this list updated.

Working Codes Ro-Slayers
  • 140kLIKES

Expired Codes List

Expired Codes Ro-Slayers
  • 130kLIKES
  • 120kLIKES

How To Redeem Codes In Ro-Slayers?

Redeeming Ro-Slayers is very easy. All you have to do is look for the code icon within the game. Click on that button and a window will open where you can write the code in a box.

Once you have written it, if the code is correct, you will receive your reward in a short time.

What Is Ro-Slayers?

The big world is full of unplayable characters, who will assign you missions, and enemies, who will want to defeat you as soon as they see you. The aim of the game is to make your character very strong. For that you will have to train a lot and get new combat styles, better known as breaths.


Breaths are fighting moves that can be learned with a sensei. There are currently eleven breaths:

  • thunder: increase your power and speed
  • water: allows you to make a strong forward movement
  • fire: increase your power considerably
  • insect: butterflies with poison come out of your nichirin sword
  • fog: it surrounds you with a fog and increases your agility
  • beast: a red aura comes out of your nichirin sword and makes you stronger
  • love: lets you attack with a whip at medium and long distance
  • wind: it throws whirlwinds and aerial powers
  • snake: poison and decapitate your enemies
  • flower: attack your enemies with flowers
  • sound: the sound of your nichirin sword creates explosions

Why Play Ro-Slayers?

Ro-Slayers is a very nice game! It’s hard to get such elaborate details in Roblox games. The settings in this game are amazing, plus the map is huge. You will see that the villages and houses are very beautiful.

Another strong point of the game is the animations of the powers and the mechanics of the combats. We recommend you to play it when you have time. And if you like Kimetsu no Yaiba or games of this type, you are obliged to try it out as soon as possible.

In the open world you can explore anywhere, go on missions, face demons or hunters, train, gibberish, learn new skills..

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