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Ninja Legends Codes

Ninja Legends is a simulator of ninjas and ninjutsus, a type of Japanese martial art. The game is perhaps one of the best graphics and effects on the Roblox platform.

In this article we will share with you Ninja Legends codes that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

codigos ninja legends

Working Codes List

You will get more Chi according to your current multiplier, so it is unlikely to be exactly the amount shown below.

Working Codes Ninja Legends
  • epictrain15
  • roboninja15

Expired Codes List

These are codes that were previously available but have now expired!

Expired Codes Ninja Legends
  • autotrain15
  • epicsensei500
  • launch100

How To Redeem Codes In Ninja Legends?

It’s a very simple process to redeem the Ninja Legends codes we have given you. Simply, within the game, take a look at the side of the screen and look for a blue button that says “CODES”. Click on it and the following window will open:

canjear codigos en ninja legends

Click on the area that says “Enter the code here” and enter the code you want to redeem – done! Now all you have to do is click on the big green button that says “Enter” or “Enter” and you will get the corresponding reward.

What Is Ninja Legends?

Basically it consists of getting swords, pets, fighting against main bosses, other people, etc. Two strong points of Ninja Legends is the importance it gives to exploring the world and the difficulty to level up.

We like difficulty very much because it makes it a more serious game that deserves dedication to achieve a high rank. You will have to dedicate time to it if you want to improve your character.

In every world you discover you can do and acquire different, and in some cases unique, things. The game gives you the chance to buy pets, swords, skills..

Ninja Legends ranges and prices are:

  • Rookie 0
  • Grasshopper 2 M
  • Apprentice 150 M
  • Samurai 11 B
  • Assasin 850 B
  • Shadow 63 T
  • Ninja 475 T
  • Ninja Master 3.5 Qa
  • Sensei 26 Qa
  • Master Sensei 200 Qa
  • Ninja Legend 1.5 Qi
  • Master Of Shadows 250 Qi
  • Immortal Assasin 2.5 Yes
  • Eternity Hunter 925 Yes
  • Shadow Legend 250 Sp
  • Dragon Warrior 15 Oc
  • Dragon Master 350 Oc
  • Chaos Sensei 5 N
  • Chaos Legend 60 N
  • Master of Elements 800 N
  • Elementary Legend 6 Dc
  • Ancient Battle Master 850 Dc
  • Ancient Battle Legend 10 Un
  • Legendary Shadow Duelist 350 Un
  • Master Legend Assassin 7 Duo
  • Mythic Shadowmaster 700 Duo
  • Legendary Shadowmaster 26 Tre
  • Awakened Scythemaster 2 Qua
  • Awakened Scythe Legend 100 Qua
  • Master Legend Zephyr 70 Qui
  • Golden Sun Shuriken Master 700 Qui
  • Golden Sun Shuriken Legend 10 SE
  • Dark Sun Samurai Legend 9.50 SP
  • Dragon Evolution Form I 891.4 SP
  • Dragon Evolution Form II 17.82 OC
  • Dragon Evolution Form III 205.92 OC
  • Dragon Evolution Form IV 3.96 NV
  • Cybernetic Electro Master 400 NV
  • Cybernetic Electro Legend 48 VIG
  • Shadow Chaos Assassin 6.4 EC
  • Shadow Chaos Legend 240 CE
  • Infinity Sensei 4.80 TRV
  • Infinity Legend 1.60 QTU
  • Aether Genesis Master Ninja 5.60 QTU
  • Master Legend Sensei Hunter 24 CJX
  • Skystorm Series Samurai Legend 40 VNU

It will take you a long time to reach the rank of Skystorm Series Samurai Legend– are you up to the challenge?

Why Play Ninja Legends?

Ninja Legends is one of the most ambitious games on Roblox. Its gameplay, complexity, world grandeur, design, style… all of these can convince anyone that it’s one of the best games. What do you think about this? Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments.

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