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Codes for Muscle Legends

Posted by: - Updated: 6th September 2023

Muscle Legends is a game of exercises and fights where you must become the strongest of all if you want to advance in level. Exercise a lot so that you have a very sucky avatar and difficult to beat. It will be easier for you to win the fights if you exercise your avatar a lot.

In this article we are going to share with you codes for Muscle Legends that will serve you to get rewards and free gifts.

Muscle legends codes

List of active codes

In the following list are all the functional codes to date for Muscle Legends. We have tested them and they all work. In any case, it is important that you return to this page because if they expire or new ones appear, we will have this updated list.

ACTIVE codes Muscle Legends
  • MillionWarriors
  • frostgems10
  • Musclestorm50
  • spacegems50 
  • megalift50 
  • speedy50 
  • Skyagility50 
  • galaxycrystal50
  • supermuscle100 
  • launch250
  • epicreward500
  • superpunch100

How to redeem codes at Muscle Legends?

To redeem codes in this game Roblox, simply look for the button that says «Codes», enter the one you want to redeem from the previous list and if it is valid you will receive your reward within a few minutes.

What does it consist of Muscle Legends?

As you level up, you will unlock Gyms different. Your character will exercise with dumbbells, bars, or sit-ups, for each number of repetitions you do in the exercises. Strength, agility, size and weight of your avatar will increase, giving you greater ability to kill the most muscular.

With the gems you can buy pets and food that will serve you a lot. have one or two Pets It will help you in fights. If you buy foods You will have greater endurance in fights, you will increase the level of energy and you will be able to perform more repetitions in the exercises.

With the codes of Muscle Legends you get many gems, powers, special moves and abilities that will give you a great advantage over other players. One of the codes makes you tiny. With that tiny size you can hit and hurt bigger ones. This is a great advantage because you are almost invisible to the giants, allowing you to easily attack them by surprise.

why play Muscle Legends?

A great advantage of playing Muscle Legends is that no matter how many times you get killed, your character will instantly revive without losing any progress you've made in the game.

The controls are very easy to use. We recommend the game for its nice graphic interface, the options to customize your character and the constant action that will keep you hooked.

As you discover new codes, the game becomes more interesting. You will get many surprises and great gifts.