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Minion Simulator Codes

The first impression of Minion Simulator is that it is a game of the Minions, from the movie Despicable Me. But it is not. It’s a mining simulation game, although not like Ore Tycoon 2, but like Unboxing Simulator and with some features similar to those of Pet Simulator.

In this article we are going to share with you codes for Minion Simulator that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

Minion Simulator codigos

Working Codes List

The following list contains all the current functional codes for Minion Simulator. We have tested them and they all work. However, it is important that you return to this page because if they expire or new ones appear, we will have this list updated.

Working Codes Minion Simulator
  • update3
  • YTSnuglife
  • cookie
  • bakon
  • minions
  • gold
  • power
  • release

How to redeem codes in Minion Simulator?

Once you have a code that you want to redeem in this game, just follow the instructions below to redeem it. First, look for the bright blue Twitter icon on the left side of the screen, as in the picture:

canjear codigos Minion Simulator

Then, simply enter the code you want to activate in the “Enter Code” box and you’re done! If the code works you will receive your reward in a few moments.

What Is Minion Simulator?

In the game you have three miners who will follow all your instructions. You must send them to mine gold bars to win coins. The miners play the role of pets, so you can equip a maximum of three of them.

Miners have a class (common, normal, rare, epic and legendary). Each has a different strength. This is important when mining, as gold bars and other objects (such as safes) have a durability. When your miners break some of them, in addition to coins, they may leave you an extra peak.

It’s cool to order the miners to chop up an ingot and you can do other tasks. No matter where you go, they will always follow you. Another cool thing is that the miners are bought with coins, so it’s not hard to get them.

Among other things you can do in the game is to improve the level of equipment, to make your workers faster and earn more rewards, and to manage which peaks each miner will use.

There are several zones to be unlocked. In them you will find shops with better miners and picks, and an area of enchantment. There you can improve your picks. For that you will need three equal picks. We advise you to buy the workers of each zone. It will help you a lot.

Why Play Minion Simulator?

Minion Simulator has combined in a great way the gameplay of Unboxing Simulator and Pet Simulator. The game is entertaining and passes relatively quickly, although getting to the final zones is not easy.

We really liked the miners’ design. They can be policemen, waiters or crazier things like a cactus. Dare to play it. We are sure you will like it. When you start we recommend you to put the code “release” (without the quotes) to get some freebies.

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