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How To Play Music in Roblox

23 October, 2019

Did you know that Roblox has thousands of songs available for you to play in the background? Just imagine playing your favourite game with your favourite music, how cool would that be? Well, in this simple guide we’re going to show you how to do it – step by step.

play music roblox

At the end of this guide, you will be the envy of all your friends. But first, you first need to learn what IDs are.

What are Roblox IDs?

Roblox IDs are codes or identifiers for any given song you want to listen to in the background. These IDs can then be used in games that accept music.

In Robloxthere are thousands of songs to choose from. Just look for them, copy their ID and write them down while playing.

How do I play music in Roblox?

Below we will show you step by step what you need to do to start listening to your favourite music. If you have any doubts whatsoever, please just leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Step 1: Find the music

Login to your Roblox account and click “Create”, the third option in the top menu. When you do so, your creation folder will appear, but this is not important right now. Go to the section that says “Library“.

Within this section, click on “Audio” in the left menu. You will then see thousands of songs from different genres.

Step 2: Select the music

At the top there is a search engine, we recommend you use it to find the songs you’re looking for.

Note that in Roblox most of the songs are in English, this is because the game is developed in the United States. However, if you look for them, you can also find songs in other languages.

For sake of this guide, search for “Marshmello – Alone” and click on the first result. That’s it for this step.

Note: you can also listen to a preview of any song.

dancing with the latest hits on roblox

Step 3: Copy the ID

This is when you copy the ID of the song you have chosen, in this case Marshmello – Alone. The process to do so is very straightforward:

The URL of the song is:

All Roblox song URLs have this same pattern: The only thing that changes is the rest. If you look at the above URL, the ID comes first (those numbers) and then comes the actual name of the song.

Therefore, all Roblox song URLs are like this:

What you need to go ahead and do is write down the ID of the song. In this case, 639750143.

Step 4: Enter a game that accepts songs

Not all games let you play music. But for the games that do, you either need the radio, if you haven’t bought the radio yet (click here to buy it), or you’ll need to get into a game that has speakers.

Then go ahead and select the radio (if you have one) or go to the speakers/trumpet of the game you’re playing in. Then, the game will ask you to write down the ID for the song you want to play. This is were you input the ID of the song we copied in Step 3. The song you have selected will now start playing!

We’ve now reached the end of this guide, what did you think about it? Did you understand it? We hope so. If you have any doubts, remember to leave them in the comments. Oh, and don’t forget to use those cool dance commands to interact with other players while listening to music. It’s always more fun with other players!