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How To Make Money in Adopt Me

6 October, 2020

Adopt Me! is one of the most popular and addictive games in Roblox. Since we like it so much, we did an analysis of all the ways to win free bucks. Now we show you the results so you can win bucks and buy whatever you want: clothes, pets, furniture, potions..

If you do everything we say, you and your home will be the sensation of the game.

make money adopt me

Sign in every day

This advice is obvious, however, our message is to connect every day no matter what you can’t play. Just go in, claim your reward and close the game. That’s enough.

Every day, for five days, you receive better rewards. On the fifth day you get a surprise prize, and on the sixth day the cycle restarts. The rewards are not that great, but for doing almost nothing they are worth it.

Take care of yourself as a baby and take care of your pet

As a baby you have more tasks available, that translates into more money. The tasks are shown at the top of the screen, some of them are

  • sick: go to the city doctor’s office and talk to the doctor. You can also eat a golden apple to cure yourself
  • thirst: drink water. In the city there are lemonade stands that cost 1 bucks and have the same function as water. It is the best way to save some money
  • hunger: eat. To save money on food, go to school and eat the apple on the teacher’s desk
  • sleep: sleep in any available baby bed
  • boring: go to the park or a similar place and stay there for a few minutes
  • dirty: take a bath in your house or in the house of other players nearby

The care of the pet is similar. Completing these tasks gives you free bucks.

Get your pet out

You can do this as an adult. It consists of taking your pet for a walk and completing the tasks of the moment while you are out.

Complete secondary missions

These missions have a limited time, so you have to do them quickly, or else they disappear and you have to wait until they are available again. You can get them by walking around the city. Some of them are going to a camp and staying, going to school and learning, going to the swimming pool and swimming, etc.

Buy a money tree

Money trees cost 1450 bucks. Our recommendation is that you save this amount of money and buy them. It should be one of your first purchases. If you want to forget about luxury for a moment.

One important thing is that trees give you a maximum of 100 bucks a day. It doesn’t matter if you have one or ten. You always get a maximum of 100 bucks. That is why you only buy two or three. To do so, look for them in the rare items category in the shop.

Play the game

The developers of Adopt Me! reward their users for just playing. After some time, they give you free bucks. For example, after 20 minutes of continuous play, you win 20 bucks.

Our advice is to stay in the game for a few minutes, unless you want to stop playing. When you go out you lose all the accumulated time.

Receive donations from other players

To achieve this you have to place a cash register in your home. Look for it in the “pizzeria” section in the shop. The best place to put it is in the hall. Decorate that space and make it very attractive so that the players will come to it and encourage them to donate. You can even put up a sign saying “donations accepted” or something more creative.

This method is not the most effective, but some bucks leaves you. To complement it we advise you to invite your friends to your home or organize a party. But if you want to get more out of it do the following:

  1. create another Adopt Me! account as an adult
  2. befriend your main account with this new account
  3. with the new account, visit your main account house and donate all the money you have

When you create a new account, the game gives you 120 bucks. With this method you can make those 120 bucks yours, and if you create more accounts, the winnings will be higher. But the trick is not over yet..

Link your pets to the main account

The new account must be created as an adult to receive the money. Then turn it into a baby and link it to the main account together with the pet. This way your main account will have to take care of the baby and the new account’s pet, as well as yourself.

Your earnings will be multiplied by three. And if you do the same with more accounts, you will win more free bucks.

Buy a food stand

In the game you can start by buying a hot dog stand, ice cream, lemonade, popcorn, pizza and cakes, and selling these foods to other players. You can locate the food stand wherever you want and set a competitive price for your products. Our recommendation is that you place it in busy areas.

The downside of these positions is that they cost at least 50 Robux. We made a guide on how to get free Robux, without spending anything. Take a look at the article, put all the tips into practice and collect the 50 Robux to buy your first position.

Having one of these is incredible because you win bucks without doing anything. The lemonade stand can leave you 1 to 3 bucks per sale, and the hot dog stand up to 50 bucks per sale. Not bad, huh? We consider this to be the most effective method offered by Adopt Me!

Now tell us in the comments, did you like these tips, did you know them all?