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How To Fix Lag in Roblox

23 October, 2019

How frustrating it is to suffer from lag while playing Roblox. The game sticks, it’s slow, you can’t interact with the rest… The fun stops right then and you get discouraged or annoyed a lot. We understand your feeling because we have been through the same thing. However, we were able to resolve it.

fix lag roblox

Today we’re going to show you how we eliminate this terrible problem that keeps you from enjoying the game. The methods we will show you are easy to follow, but first we want to make some concepts clear. So read on to completely eliminate the lag in Roblox.

What Is lag?

Lag is an excessive delay in real time between the server and the client. In less technical terms, it is when the connection between the game and your PC is too slow or the computer does not have the resources to run the game properly.

When we speak of “real time” we mean an event that happens instantly. For example, all the actions you take when you play.

How do you identify the lag?

The lag is easy to identify. You will notice it when the game is interrupted, that is, in those moments when you see a character in a spot, and seconds later you see him in a faraway place without having moved.

Other cases where the lag is present is when you cannot interact with the objects, the music is interrupted, the characters seem deformed, the game goes slowly, etc.

Why does the lag occur?

This is important to bear in mind because that way you can understand what you should do. Lag occurs for several reasons, the most common of which are the following:

  1. the server is far away from your country
  2. there are many people playing the game
  3. the server where the game is located does not have enough processing
  4. your computer does not have the necessary resources
  5. your internet network is very weak

You can’t do anything about the first three causes. This is a problem that only Roblox owners can solve, and fortunately, they have done so. That is why we will help you with the last two.

How do you eliminate or reduce the gap in Roblox?

Here are four ways to reduce or eliminate lag. Try each one. They will all give you results, however, it may not be enough. This would happen in a very serious case.

Move your router

Try to locate the router in a clear place near your computer. The closer it is the better, because then the internet signal is stronger.

A serious problem occurs when people have the router away and in another room. In that case the signal has to go through the walls and loses its strength.

Close programs

There are programs installed on the computer that consume the internet in the background, i.e. they are semi-open and still use the internet. These programmes must be closed.

There are also other programs such as the music player, Microsoft Word, Paint… that consume valuable computer resources. If you are not using them then close them down. In fact, we recommend that you close all programs before opening Roblox.

Finally, we suggest that you close your browser tabs (especially your Facebook tab). It consumes a lot and can cause lag while you play), just leave the Roblox tab open.

Reduce graphics

When you enter a game, press the escape key (Esc) to exit the menu. Then go to the settings options and look for the graphics section.

By default they are on automatic. Change them to manual and set the minimum. As a result the game will lose quality, but you will feel more fluid.

PRO Method

The latter method is only functional in Windows. To do so, follow the steps below to the letter:

  1. press the “Home” + “r” keys
  2. search for “appdata”
  3. opens the “Local” folder
  4. open the “Roblox” folder
  5. open the “Versions” folder
  6. if there are two folders, open the second one. In our case it is called “version-e024c611925642a8”, but in yours it can have a different name
  7. open the “PlatformContent” folder
  8. open the “pc” folder
  9. open the “textures” folder
  10. deletes all the folders that appear (not the files)

Trust us and do it without fear. When you enter Roblox you will notice the difference: the game will go more smoothly.

Tell us in the comments if these methods worked for you. Also tell us if you know of other more effective ones. Anything that adds value is welcome.