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How To Create a Game in Roblox

28 January, 2020

Imagine making a game on Roblox and having millions of people play it. You will gain a lot of followers, reputation, community affection and money.

create a game roblox

But stop! To achieve this you have to consider a few things. First of all, which I’m sure you already know, all the games on Roblox were made by people like you, who have a lot of creativity and want to let it fly.

To get to that point they had to go through a few hesitations on their own, without any help. That’s why we thought about answering the questions that cause most concern when it comes to starting. That way you will be ready to start in this world.

With regard to learning, we recommend that you check out YouTube. There is a lot of valuable material there. Here we will only clarify your doubts. If you have more, remember to leave them in the comments.

What kind of games can you create in Roblox?

With Roblox Studio you can create millions of games, and even new genres. It is a world of possibilities where you can change the laws of physics, add objects, set rules… everything you can imagine.

But keep in mind that the programme has its limitations. That is to say, there are things it cannot carry out. In this case we are talking about very complex games.

Whatever you are planning to do must be within what you have already seen in Roblox. For your reference, we told you that you can venture into a game like Pokémon, but you’ll never get to do something like Fallout, at least not with Roblox Studio.

Do you need to know programming to make a game?

You don’t need to know programming to make a game in Roblox, although that would be ideal. Programming, in short, is a science used to develop software (programs) for a specific purpose.

The Roblox editor allows you to make your games by dragging objects and giving them some functionalities like move, shoot, die, etc. However, it does not give you the freedom to do something more elaborate.

That’s when programming plays an important role. The language used by Roblox Studio is Lua. With it you can create events and advanced functions. The most famous games in Roblox were made by programmers with code.

But returning to the main question, is it essential to know how to program? The answer is no. Only that your games won’t be so elaborate, and you won’t be able to create that which you have in mind. Our suggestion is that from now on you should learn how to program.

roblox studio

Can you make money by creating a game in Roblox?

In Roblox one of the most striking things is the amount of money you can earn with your own games.

There are people who earn thousands of dollars a month doing what they enjoy most, can you believe it? These people are dedicated to this, so they are not players as such, but video game developers. They spend more hours programming than playing.

How to monetize the game depends on each individual. It is common to sell additives, for example, as in “PETS Saber Simulator”. In the shop of this game you can buy strength, speed, luck enhancers… and each thing has a different price. Another way of monetization is through exclusivity, that is, to play a game you have to pay.

Although it all sounds good, it cannot be taken lightly. If you make a game where players have to pay a lot, they won’t play it and will choose another one.

If you manage to hit the nail on the head you can live off this as other people are doing. You can even work at a game creation company in Roblox.

Is it easy to make a game at Roblox?

This is one of the most worrying questions. At first it is obvious that it will not be easy, and if you do not have programming skills it will be even more difficult.

Roblox makes it easy to create a game, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can make one in a day or a week.

The problem is that the programming is abstract and requires years of study to master. If Roblox didn’t make things easy, the process of creating a game would be hell and few people would dare to do it.

This means that, compared to how difficult it is to program, Roblox made an editor that facilitates the processes, but still has its complications.

If you are a programmer it will be easy for you. Otherwise it depends on many things, one of them is your logical understanding.

It’s up to you to practice. It will get easier over time. The aim is not to get discouraged and keep trying. Go little by little and start with the basics until you get closer to your goal.

How long does it take to make a game?

The time it takes to make a game, almost as in the previous section, depends largely on four things:

  1. level of knowledge you have
  2. level of complexity of the game
  3. number of people working in the game
  4. time you spend on creating the game

These four points are the ones that most determine the time it takes to make a game. Although there is no exact measurement. A game takes as long as it should. It may be a couple of weeks, months or years.

Can you make a game on your tablet or mobile phone?

It would be almost impossible to make a game on a tablet or mobile phone, so there are no possibilities at the moment, and perhaps never will be.

To learn how to create a game in Roblox watch audiovisual tutorials. This is the best option. It will take you several months to reach a professional level, so put in a lot of effort.

Cheer up and tell us in the comments if you have already taken your first steps. If so, you can leave some advice for those who have not yet started. They will thank you for it.