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God Simulator 2 Codes

God Simulator 2 is the sequel to God Simulator. It is a simulation game of gods. When you start you have the option to choose between Zeus, Artemis, Hades, Ares and Poseidon

In this article we are going to share with you codes for God Simulator 2 that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

God Simulator 2 codigos

Working Codes List

In the following list you will find all the functional codes for God Simulator 2. We have tested them and they all work. Anyway, it is important that you come back to this page because if they expire or new ones appear, we will have this list updated.

Working Codes God Simulator 2
  • camo
  • Dragon

How to redeem codes in God Simulator 2

Redeeming codes in God Simulator 2 is very easy. All you have to do is look for the code icon inside the game. Click on that button and a window will open where you can write the code in a box.

Once you have written it, if the code is correct, you will receive your reward in a short time.

What Is God Simulator 2?


  • Zeus: god of heaven and thunder, he is king of the gods
  • Artemis: goddess of hunting and the desert, daughter of Zeus
  • Hades: god of the underworld, chief of the dead, brother of Zeus and Poseidon
  • Ares: god of war, son of Zeus, is incredible in battle and the most feared of warriors
  • Poseidon: god of the sea, storms and earthquakes, he is the brother of Zeus and Hades

Choosing one of these five gods is free. Then you can unlock the rest. Each god has unique powers and as you progress in the game and level up, you’ll unlock others that you’ll have to buy.

In God Simulator 2 you will find the best pets because, unlike other games, they are unique: minotaurs, dolphins, Pegasus… as well as having cool animations, like moving your wings or doing swimming movements.

The aim of the game is to destroy everything in your path: cars, people, food, trees, animals, mills, etc. These actions will fill a destruction bar that you can exchange for coins.

In the game there are secondary missions and other areas that need a certain amount of coins to be unlocked. The first is the residential area. It’s a big city with gas stations, churches, buildings, fire station… and you know what’s best? That you can destroy everything! The rewards will be better, but it will take you longer to destroy unless you buy and improve your powers.

Why Play God Simulator 2?

God Simulator 2 is a brutal simulator. The mode of pharmony is different from other games of the same genre, and we love it very much! We like originality. In this game you can’t expect to win money quickly. It takes longer, so concentrate on the phonics.

All the powers, animations and effects give a very cool touch to the game. You can tell they put a lot of effort into it.

But mainly we kept their originality. Great work by the developers. Not your typical Roblox Simulator with islands in the clouds and so on. From now on you are obliged to play it. We know you will enjoy it. When you do, come back and tell us in the comments what you thought.

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