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Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood is an open world role-playing game based on the Dragon Ball anime. You can play with your friends, fight against other players, bosses, do missions, explore the world, etc.

In this article we will share with you Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codigos

Working Codes List

In the following list are all the current functional codes for Dragon Ball Hyper Blood. We have tested them and they all work. However, it is important that you return to this page because if they expire or new ones appear, we will have this list updated.

Working Codes Dragon Ball Hyper Blood

Expired Codes List

Expired Codes Dragon Ball Hyper Blood

How To Redeem Codes In Dragon Ball Hyper Blood?

Redeeming codes in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood is very easy. All you have to do is look for the code icon within the game. Click on that button and a window will open where you can type in the code in a box.

canjear codigos Dragon Ball Hyper Blood

Once you have written it, if the code is correct, you will receive your reward in a short time.

What Is Dragon Ball Hyper Blood?

There’s a lot we can tell you about the game, so we’ll give you an overview. That way you won’t be lost when you start playing it.


The breeds are the species you can choose from at the start of the game. In total there are seven:

  • Saiyajin.
  • Human.
  • Cold.
  • Majin.
  • Namekian.
  • Android.
  • Jiren.

Each race has unique abilities and powers.


The Dragon Ball manga does not only take place on earth. Many times we saw Goku and his friends walking through space. In Dragon Ball Hyper Blood the same thing happens.

In each map of this game you will get new unplayable characters that will assign you missions, bosses, enemies and other things to discover. The worlds are:

  • Earth.
  • Namekusei.
  • Space.
  • Future.
  • Secret world.
  • Tournament of strength.
  • Heaven.
  • Dimensional crack.
  • Tournament of true strength.
  • Zaren.


Moves are skills and techniques that are bought in the skills shop. To buy one you need to have a necessary level. In total there are more than fifty moves

We advise you to do several missions to gain XP faster. Most of them consist of defeating enemies or getting items somewhere on the map.

Why Play Dragon Ball Hyper Blood?

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood recreates the essence of Dragon Ball. What we liked most is that the developers included several races and many powers like Kame Hame Ha or Genkidama. If you are a fan of the series, you have to play it. You will love it as much as we do

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