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Cursed Islands Codes

Cursed Islands is a game of survival. To talk about it is to remember moments of laughter, because that is what it offers. Playing it with friends is super fun.

In this article we will share with you codes for Cursed Islands that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

Cursed Islands codigos

Working Codes List

Working Codes Cursed Islands
  • Secret
  • UFO
  • 5k
  • sp00ky
  • CursedCandy
  • 40k
  • 30k
  • 10K
  • SampleCode

How To Redeem Codes In Cursed Islands?

To activate the codes in this Roblox game, you must follow these steps. First, find the “Buy” button, click it and then find the “Redeem” button. Clicking it will take you to this window:

canjear codigos cursed islands

Enter the code you want to activate in the text box and then press “Redeem” or “Redeem”. If the code is active, you will receive your reward within a few minutes.

What Is Cursed Islands?

At the start of the game all participants are transported to a small island. It is possible to travel to another island nearby, but be careful. Without realising it, the whole area will be flooded with water and if you fall in, you will be disqualified. At that time the only safe areas are the island areas.

However, they are not so safe. Good or bad events will occur randomly in them. For example, a bad thing is that a volcano comes out or a giant octopus takes the island with it into the depths. A good thing is that a springboard appears and you can avoid being affected.

The game is by rounds. The water goes up, things happen, and then it goes down. At that point you can decide whether to stay on the island you are on or move to another one. The game ends when only one person is left standing.

Why Play Cursed Islands?

Cursed Islands is very cool. It depends a lot on luck, and that creates more tension. It’s exciting to see how the island you were on is affected by something, and you think “good thing I moved from there”.

Play it with friends. Enjoy this great game together. To pass the time is one of the best options, we loved it.

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