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Build a Boat for Treasure Codes

Build a Boat for Treasure is a simulation game of boat building. It is quite entertaining because of the possibility to make your own inventions in Roblox.

In this article we will share with you codes for Build a Boat for Treasure that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

codigos build a boat for treasure

Working Codes List

Below is a list of all the codes available right now for the Build a Boat for Treasure game:

Working Codes Build a Boat for Treasure
  • =D
  • =P
  • Lurking Legend
  • Be a big f00t print
  • fuzzy friend?
  • chillthrill709 was here
  • Squid Army
  • Hi

Expired Codes List

These codes are no longer available and cannot be redeemed:

Expired Codes Build a Boat for Treasure
  • 1B
  • voted code
  • Lurking Code
  • Big F00t Print
  • Veterans Day
  • 500M Visits
  • Cold Feet

How To Redeem Codes In Build a Boat for Treasure?

It’s easy to redeem the codes we’ve given you for Build a Boat for Treasure! Login to the game and look for a large button that says “Buy” on the right hand side of the screen. Then look for a gear symbol (a circle with teeth) and click it. Then look for the “Redeem Codes” screen which you can see in this picture:

canjear codigos en build a boat for treasure

Copy any of the codes and enter it in the area marked “Code” – done! If the code you have entered is valid and still active, you will receive your prize.

What Is Build a Boat for Treasure?

The game is about building a boat with an efficient and effective design to get a treasure. In the middle of the search, the boat will be hit and affected by the river conditions. If its construction is bad, it will be broken into pieces before it reaches the goal.

Each challenge is known as a stage. After each completed stage you will receive a treasure trove of rewards that will be used to modify the boat and prepare it for the next challenges.

The parts that make up the ship are available in treasures, side missions or in the shop. These parts are divided into materials, complements and decorative accessories (some have special skills).

Each block or part can be made of wood, stone, oxidized metal, concrete, marble, titanium, obsidian and gold, and has a level of resistance. The fun starts when you don’t have the necessary blocks or not all of them are of a high level.

This will lead you to try one design, fail, try another and continue until the challenge is overcome. If you use the stronger blocks in the middle, the boat could break at the ends, and if you use those blocks at the ends, the boat could break in half like the Titanic. There are thousands of possibilities for creation, what will you do?

Why Play Build a Boat for Treasure?

Build a Boat for Treasure is a very simple game. It is difficult to overcome the stages at first, but with time trying and failing you achieve it. If you like puzzle and puzzle games, this one will keep you thinking.

Now tell us, have you played it yet? You can leave your best tips in the comment box.

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