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TodoRoblox – The #1 Site For Roblox Gamers

Hey there, fellow gamer! You’ve just arrived at the TodoRoblox community – where players of this amazing game get together and discuss, share tips and above all: Play! Let us give you a brief intro to some of the things we can offer you here. The best guides: how to download Roblox for PC, how to create clothes in Roblox We also have the best discussion threads and interesting articles covering all things Roblox, such as: latest promocodes, commands and a comparison of Minecraft vs Roblox. Follow us there is much more!

New To Roblox?

In this section we talk about the most essential pages that any Roblox player should visit. If you don’t know how to play Roblox on your computer, here we show you how. If you don’t know how to get Robux, we have an article for you. We recommend that you read each of the following guides carefully, because they will make your experience with Roblox much easier and more fun.

Roblox Guides

They are not as fundamental as the guides in the previous section, but we recommend still taking a look. You’ll find lots of ways to fine-tune your Roblox experience, such as how to remove lag and play music.

What Is Roblox?

If your friends are encouraging you to start playing Roblox, but you don’t have much of an idea of what the game is about, next we are going to give you a quick summary. Roblox is an online gaming platform where anyone can create games and play them. The Roblox platform is one of the most popular of its kind, with 56 million players every month. That’s even more popular than other well-known games among young people, such as Fortnite. However, even though Roblox still lags behind the popular Minecraft in terms of the number of users the gap is gradually narrowing over time, as we saw in our comparison of Minecraft vs Roblox.

roblox videogame

What kind of games can you play in Roblox, you might ask? If you can imagine it, you can play it! After opening an account, players can search through a list of over 40 million games, with many different options. What if a user can’t find a game they like? They can create their own! Roblox offers each user the tools to create their own games and share them with their friends.

And that’s the end of our guide. We hope that you enjoy TodoRoblox and remember, if you have any questions you can use the contact form in the top menu and we will respond as quickly as possible. Also, you can participate and communicate with the rest of the community in the comments section at the end of each article. See you inside, player!